Is this a good thing?

I racked my Pale Ale that I brewed about a month ago to the keg and took a sample. 1.004. That seems low to me. Now Cal Ale (WL001) is a work horse, but that beer was 1.061 when it went in there. I’m fearing a bit of contamination. It didn’t taste off, but then that doesn’t always show up right away. It was about the clearest beer I’ve EVER made, but… that nagging feeling persists. I did make a fat starter for the yeast, so who knows? I’ll leave it in the keggerator for a week and then deliver the results. Here’s ta hope! 🙂

The good news is that the Amber I brewed up a few days ago was absolutely boiling with yeast activity!  Very much looking forward to that!

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