Why Session Beers Matter

I got going a bit late this weekend on a pale ale I’ve been wanting to do for a while. So while waiting for my friends to arrive who were also brewing that day, I took my time cleaning, sanitizing and pouring myself a pint (or two) of the blond ale I had just put on tap. I don’t tend to “waste time” with making session beers (lets call that beers with an ABV of 4% or less) for the obvious reason. I like a bit of punch to my brews, even the “light” ones. Thus the blond ale I have is running just a hair under 6%. Long story short – not sure how many pints into it I was before getting to the boil, but I completely forgot my final charge of hops and I think I mis-timed the boil by 5 minutes. Neither thing is a tragedy, but the only reason it happened was my lack of clarity during the process. Now I’m not advocating relegating myself to some cheap American macro-swill, but I to think there is a case to be made for having something a little less “hot” flowing when dancing with the kettle. The only question is – where do I keep the stuff when I’m not brewing? I mean, I can’t have it taking up precious tap space, right? Perhaps I’ll just bottle it up in some 22s or something. If I figure out a good plan, I’ll post it. 😕

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