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Pumkin Ale Results and a Holiday Porter

Monday, November 12th, 2007

The Pumpkinfest Ale is half gone now, so I feel I can pass judgment on it. The backing beer was just a bit thin after I removed the crystal 75 from my amber recipe, but the spicing was dead-on and the pumpkin flavor was present but not overwhelming. Next time I’m going to up the crystal 45 by a 1/4 pound and replace a pound of 2-row with another pound of Victory. That should keep the nice orange color while building the malt character. The hops were right where I wanted them to allow some initial bitterness but then faded out and let the spices come through, which believe it or not, was the plan. 🙂

My Holiday Porter is in the fermenter and looking fine. It’ll be a bit before I taste that one. It’s going on tap for my buddy’s Christmas party the middle of next month, so I plan to have it in my kegerator, on CO2 for a week prior to get the carbonation volume correct.