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Cold brew day

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

Happy New Year! Well I finally broke free and got some time to brew this past weekend. I’ve been out of brew since the xmas ale which went over well at the annual fiesta over at our friends place. Always a good time, that one. So I had some free time after all the family commitments and other holiday boo-rah settled down and decided to brew up the Amber recipe I’m continually tinkering with. So on a sunny, but cold day here in HMB, I broke out the gear and got to it! This time out, I upped the 1 pound of Victory malt to 2 pounds and I added 2 lbs of Munich to the regular mix of Rahr 2-row, 40L crystal, special B and flake barley. I kept my usual hop bill of Centennial backed up by Mt. Hood for flavor and aroma. I managed to secure a bunch of now rare hops several months ago when Phil from More Beer gave me the heads-up on the impending shortage. The wort had a decidedly pepper flavor that I hope comes out in the final beer. Good times.