Holliday Brews

Next to St. Paddy’s Day and Halloween, Christmas bats a decent clean-up as holidays go. However, it pretty much rules the roost when it comes to seasonal beers. Here’s a quick-list of what I’m looking forward to this year!

  • Sierra Celebration Ale (Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.) – Sure, it’s an easy-to-find beer that’s in just about any supermarket, but perhaps there’s a reason for that! This is also one of the few “Winter brews” that’s a true drinking beer. That is to say, you can, and probably will, want more than one in a sitting and it doesn’t take 30 minutes to drink.
  • Old Soulstice Winter Ale (Half Moon Bay Brewing Co.) – Ok, yes it’s our local brewery, but they don’t often disappoint with their seasonals. This is an English strong ale style that’s only available at the brewery, but it’s worth the trip!
  • Alaskan Winter Ale (Alaska Brewing Co.) – I’m a big fan of AB’s stuff and the winter ale is no exception! It’s another old English style (malty but smooth). It’s not quite as drinkable as the Celebration Ale, but it’s close!
  • Sam Adams Winter Lager (Samuel Adams Brewing Co.) – Yes, another big production brew. Hey, good is good, dig it? I really like this one for basically bumping up, spicing up, then rounding out the flavors of their Boston Lager. It’s smooth and spicy with out being overbearing – a very drinkable brew!
  • Cabin Fever (New Holland Brewing Co.) – It’s difficult to impossible to get this outside of Michigan (I have to have mine smuggled across state lines – or head over to the in-laws for the hollidays), but if you have a buddy in Michigan, and they’re willing to ship you a couple of 22oz bottles, you’ll be thankful! For some reason, this is the kind of beer I think of when thinking of winter ales – a spicy brown ale with lots of flavors going on. This is one that takes a bit to get through, but it doesn’t leave you wishing you’d had something else 10 minutes into drinking it like some other “big” winter ales.

    So there ya go! Have any other suggestions? Feel free to post them!

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