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NHC 2010 is in the books

Friday, June 25th, 2010

The National Homebrewer’s Competition wrapped up last week in the Twin Cities of Minnesota.  I’ve yet to go to an NHC, but based on the video provided by Brewing TV and the commentary from The Brewing Network I gather  this would be quite a party.  It’s also an interesting demographic that seems to appear based on all the video I’ve seen.  If you were to show the video with no sound and ask people, “ok, what kind of convention was this?  A) A D&D Convention, B) A brewing convention, or C) A software engineering convention”, I’m betting it would be a pretty even split.  I say that with love, since I’m kind of one of these guys, but jeez… 😉

The other aspect, and perhaps this is obvious, is that to enjoy the NHC properly, one should probably go with a brewing club, as to enjoy all aspects of the conference.  I’m not sure that going as a solo, non-affiliated homebrewer, would garner the same experience.  However, that would tend to mean you need to find, become involved with a club.   That sounds simple, but it involves a non-trivial time commitment.  Time, being something I currently find hard to come by, has become my main hurdle.  Having said that, you could probably just get a few buddies together and crash the thing all independent-style and still have a rockin’ good time.

Brewing TV episode:

Happy Father’s Day!

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

Hope everyone is able to have some homebrew, or even better, be able to brew a batch today!! Good on all ya daddies for keeping the family stocked with fine ales and lagers!