Garage Brewing

My normal brew day sees me setting up on my back patio, sun shining, homebrew in hand. Yesterday it was raining, but looking at my dwindling beer supply I forged ahead and set up in the garage. The real reason I’ve not done this before is that the garage is a mess and brewing there means a fair bit of clean-out. After about 45 minutes of much needed spring cleaning, I was setup and ready to roll. The brew day went faster than normal, setup and breakdown were much quicker since the storage area for my brew stuff is 5 feet from where I’m brewing. However, the real surprise came this morning when I went to check on the fermenters. The garage smelled awesome! How many people can say that about their garage? They normally smell like used motor oil and paint. Mine smells like a brewhouse! Now I’m not saying I’ll give up my patio. The weather is threatening to brighten considerably in the coming weeks, but perhaps every third brew will be in the garage, just to keep it smelling more like Anchor Brewing and a little less like Jiffy Lube.

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