The Point of it All

This is my 100th post, so it got me thinking about why I brew? It just so happens that I am currently fermenting a Alt Bier. That has some significance to me because the very first craft beer I ever had was a St. Stan’s Virgin Amber Ale – their alt bier. St. Stan’s is a brewery in Modesto, CA, where I grew up. Before walking in the door for the first time in 1993, I had never had a craft beer and had no idea what a brewpub was. Suffice it to say that it made an impact on me. Sadly, St. Stan’s is a shadow of its former self, but in it’s glory it was a great brewpub. It had 5 to 7 house ales on tap at any time, which included a seasonal, and by my recollection, they were all very good. At this time, I had no idea what homebrewing was. My second “awakening” came in my second year at Cal Poly.

Some time in 1995, my roommate came home one evening with a 3.5 gallon stockpot, some buckets and what looked to me like 50 yards of tubing. He never actually brewed a single beer on that thing – he was a bit impulsive with hobbies – but I now knew you could make this stuff at home! When I moved to San Francisco in 1999, I was just across Golden Gate Park from San Francisco Brewcraft, my first home local homebrew shop. I started brewing in order to brew beers that I wanted to drink. I started brewing clones of my favorite beers and later formulating my own recipes. But from that first day at SF Brewcraft it was on! I’ve been brewing ever since and rarely a month goes by without at least a 10 gallon batch of something in the fermenters. I love this hobby and still learn something new each time I set up and brew. So there you have it, my 100th post and a little walk down memory lane (at least for me). Happy brewing everyone! Thanks for reading!

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