Almost Time for Homebrew Conference!

I’ve been a bit quiet lately, but that’s not to say I’ve not been busy brewing! However, almost as important as brewing, I’ve been getting ready for my San Diego adventure at the NHC. I think I have my schedule finalized as to which seminars I’ll be attending. It was a tough call for a few slots due to the unavoidable overlap of some presentations, but such is any good conference. I’ll be blogging along with probably hundreds of other fools there, so fair warning! I hope to meet a few brewing celebs (yes they exist), but mostly I really hope to get a ton of good info to improve my process and finished beers. So look for some blogging on the following topics (hopefully I can spread some of the good info from the conference):

  • Brewing on a Budget
  • Pragmatic Brewing
  • Going Pro
  • Cooking with Beer
  • Homebrew Planet (how homebrew is done around the globe)
  • What’s Wrong with My Brew?
  • Non-Sour Barrel Aging
  • Homebrew Club Organization
  • High Gravity Brewing
  • Recipe Building and Competition Tips
  • Choosing the Right Yeast
  • Workshop on American Hops
  • … and anything else I see that’s interesting!
  • Happy brewing, everyone!

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