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Notes on the Summer

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

You'll notice no one is brewing in this picture

One may assume that summer is a time where we can all be free to brew our little over-hopped hearts out. A time to fire up the brew rig three times in a weekend and stock up with crazy amounts of crafty, insane experiments that fly in the face of convention and style. Your summer may have been like this. I, however, have an incredible, loving, beautiful wife… who happens to be an elementary school teacher. Who is off during the summer. And gets bored easily. So needless to say I am thrilled with the fact that school is now back in session and we can get back to some normalcy around here! Not that the zoo, Academy of Science, aquarium, camping and road trips aren’t great. They are! But the summer caps off with my youngest’s birthday party which means whatever brew I was left with during the summer is now vaporized by thirsty parents who just adore my kegerator and need to drown out the sounds of 34 4-year-olds in the bouncy house. I’m not actually complaining, as I’ve had a great time this summer, but that leaves me with the reality that my stores are dry and I need to get brewing! In an effort to kick-start my fall brewing, I invited a friend of mine, who is getting back into the game, to come over for an all-grain brew session. A good friend of mine from England was also around at the time so perhaps I’ve added a new brewer to our cousins across the pond! To further drive my brewing mayhem, I’m working on procuring some pipe steel and welding up a brew stand, slowly putting together a HERMS system over the next few months which I will document on the blog for those interested in seeing what it takes to knock out a DIY brew sculpture! So I’m back, baby! And we’re brewin’!