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It continues!

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

My 100,000 BTU burners are here! Hoping to get that welding done this week. Could the new rig be ready for action by next weekend??

It Begins!

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

The new brew rig (some assembly required)! 🙂

Auburn Ale House – Auburn, CA

Friday, April 6th, 2012

It was our final weekend at our ski lease up in Truckee, Ca. It’s bittersweet in that I’m bummed it’s probably my final weekend of snowboarding, but even I’m ready for spring after this below-average winter. Of course, on our way up there from lovely Half Moon Bay, we stopped at the Auburn Ale House for a celebratory lunch and beverage! I’m kind of surprised I’ve not written about this place before. It’s really an outstanding brewpub here in the gold country of California, and it’s such a destination spot for us and many of our friends who spend the winter up here in the Tahoe area. So allow me to amend that oversight now!

Their standard line-up includes the American River Pale – one of my favorite pale ales anywhere. The Gold-Digger IPA – Hoppy, citrus-y but with a very nice malt back. The Old Town Brown – Mrs. Brewer’s favorite, with big malt character and a minimal, but present, hop flavor. The Fools Gold Ale – another take on the pale but with bigger hop character. The PU240 Imperial IPA – BIG bomber of a beer as the label’s WWII-style pinup girl sitting on a bomb might clue you into. These are my favorites when I’m there, but there are several others that they have on tap most days along with a few cask ales as well. Most of the beers on tap are available for growler take-away and several are in 22oz bottles if you’re not in for the full gallon.

I might mention that the food is also very good. They take pride in creating solid upscale takes on pub fare. Mrs. Brewer can’t get passed the blue cheese burger and the pulled pork sandwich. I love the ruben and the french dip. I will say the wings are sometimes a little skimpy, which is always a bummer, but they make up for it with the 3 different types of fries they serve which include a sweet potato option.

If you’re heading up 80 to North Shore Tahoe, drop in and check it out!