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What’s Been Brewing?

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve had a free moment to sit down write, which is actually a good thing, because a lot of what’s been keeping me busy is brew related! Between getting the Devil’s Slide Brew Club rolling, to hanging out with the guys at Hop Dogma, to finally getting to see some concerts, not to mention brewing quite a bit of beer, it’s been a full schedule! A couple of updates:


First, sadly, I want to acknowledge the passing of one of my favorite characters in the local brew scene here in the Bay Area. Greg “Griz” Miller, the giant, beautifully cantankerous, always opinionated owner of SF Brewcraft in San Francisco, passed away on Monday. Simply put, Griz was the guy who taught me to brew. Everything I knew about brewing in the first few years came from a combination or Griz and Brew Your Own magazine. Griz was always available for questions about brewing, but his real passion was obvious when you got him talking about music. I remember running into the store to grab a few things, figuring I’d be out of there in 10 minutes or less, only to hear a really interesting song (I wish I remember the tune) coming out of his satellite radio. I casually asked who it was, and after 45 minutes chatting about our favorite deep cuts, I finally had to head out to wherever I was going next. He will be missed. Check out the video below for an idea of just what kind of a outstanding character he was.

Second, on a more up note, an update on Devil’s Slide Brew Club! We’ve had several great meetings with an average attendance of around 20 brewers each month! There seems to be a core group of 10 or so folks and a great group of casual drop-ins each meeting. We’ve done several tech talks (available online) and have the beginnings of a group forum going on Facebook. I’m incredibly pleased with how fast this has come together and am really enjoying the people we’ve met so far! Stay tuned for information on a super not-so-secret project to spin up a Half Moon Bay Beer Festival! The club now meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month at Hop Dogma. Come on by if you’re in the area!

**Note: if you are not a Facebook user, we also have a groupsFaviconGoogle Group!

Finally, man, have I been brewing a lot! I’ve been averaging two brews a month for the past 4 months, with very little fermenter down time! Having the new conical fermenter has been a big boost. It’s super easy to clean and my beers are all so much clearer now that I can dump the trub and excess yeast. I plan to start collecting the yeast for reuse as well, since it’s just too easy now! One of the ideas we had for the club was to pick a different style theme for the evening, which has forced me to brew things that I normally would skip. It’s been a fun way to broaden my skill set.

So that’s the update! Feel free to email me if you have any questions on the club, or brewing in general! I’ve had some great conversations with folks over the past few years across the country, and I really enjoy hearing from others about their brewing experience!