Brew Club Update and The Homebrewer’s Conference

1973383_276218432542436_1925275367_oIt’s already March of 2014, and I think I’ve finally caught up with 2013! Major accomplishment, to be sure. The last year saw the creation of the Devil’s Slide Brew Club, which has become a very successful and vibrant gathering of Coastside brewers! We held elections last month and while I was voted in for another term as President, I now have the good fortune to have lots more help!

If I’ve learned anything from this past year of running the club it’s this: recruit help fast! I absolutely love the DSBC, but man, was that lots of work and I didn’t even get to do probably a 1/3 of what I wanted to do! Still, a great learning experience and the club is still going strong, so at least we got that right. 🙂 If you find yourself in the area on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, drop in and say hi!


Another item I’m always looking forward to is the annual Homebrewer’s Conference! This year was a little nerve wracking due to the introduction of the lottery system for tickets. I really feel for the committee who puts this conference together every year, and I do commend them for trying something with the ticketing to get more people in who want to go. However, I fear it turned into a bit of  a PR mess, judging by the comments I’m seeing on the Facebook page. Hopefully they get it ironed out next year, but at least I’m going without any problems! This is also nice since Mrs. Brewer is originally from Grand Rapids, so we get to double up on this one as our yearly trek home.

Now to get back to regular brewing! I’ve been slow the past few months due to lots of commitments and I’m MORE than ready to fire up the brew rig again!

Happy Brewing!

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