Beer Recipes

Below are links to my recipes*. They are available in both HTML and ProMash file format. Enjoy!

  • Boogie Board Blond Ale (recipe| ProMash) My idea of a blond ale is one that has just a hint of malt with a very light color. This comes in around 5.6% ABV so it’s by no means a “light” beer. Having said that, it’s very mild in flavor which allows one to drink far too much of it!
  • Drift Dive Pale Ale (recipe | ProMash) My friends and I go scuba diving whenever we can and there’s nothing better than a nice refreshing beer after a good day of pounding around under the waves. Pair this with fat burger and fries, and you have happy divers!
  • Quick-Release IPA (recipe | ProMash) This is a big one. Make sure you pitch enough yeast to get this down to 1.012 FG otherwise it comes out waaay too sweet. I’m also considering adding an ounce of Willamette to the dry hop bag next time.
  • Faceplant Amber Ale (recipe | ProMash) I was working up some tweaks to an old amber ale recipe I once made and was just about finished, save for trying to think of a name. At that point, my 16 month old ran into the room and… you guessed it… did a total faceplant into the rug. This is one of my all-time favorite recipes.
  • Pound it Down Brown Ale (recipe | ProMash) I love a good brown ale, but I hate just about every commercial example out there. However most brewpubs make excellent versions of this classic beer. With that in mind I came up with this recipe to satisfy my need for a good brown ale.
  • Fire in the Hole (recipe | ProMash) This comes courtesy of MoreBeer. I used to buy this kit from B3 every time I’d place an order with them. They do it as a mini-mash kit as well(which is all I used to do since I was brewing in my apartment). This one is all about the oak chips and dry hops. It’s simply one of the best beers I’ve ever made so I wanted to give it props here.
  • Pumpkinfest Ale (recipe *10g recipe) Since Half Moon Bay is home to a huge pumpkin festival, I figured why not? This is a slightly modified version of Faceplant Amber. I’ve removed the Crystal 75L to lighten it up a bit and changed the hops around so they won’t fight with the spices. This calls for 1 lbs of pumpkin pulp – harvested from 2 small 1 lbs baking pumpkins to be added to the mash as well as 1/4oz of pumpkin pie spice at flame out. This smells amazing when you brew it!
  • Ripcurl Rye (recipe | ProMash) I wanted to mess around with rye, so I modified an amber ale recipe and came up with this nugget. I like the sort of grassy/oaky note the rye adds to this!

*If you would like an extract or mini-mash version of any of these, feel free to email me and I’ll be happy to convert them for you.